Retirement Planning—Where Can You Learn More?

With longevity rates on the rise and “retirement” the hot topic for record numbers of baby boomers preparing for it, check out the retirement planning resources available, including online seminars, employer-sponsored seminars, community education programs and more.

Online workshops, seminars (or webinars)

There is an abundance of information available online. Look for opportunities to “attend” online seminars (or webinars) to receive guidance on when to retire and planning for your future. These online classes offer valuable information covering many aspects of retirement and range from longer, more structured courses to shorter, more topic-specific seminars.

Employer sponsored workshops

Check with your employer. Many organizations offer pre-retirees the opportunity to attend retirement workshops (usually at the workplace). These seminars may be offered during and after work hours. They are typically geared toward helping you handle your defined contribution, pension, or other employer-sponsored retirement plan. Seminars may also cover such topics as retirement benefit payment options, working after you retire, and options for continuing life and health insurance.

Community education programs

If you don’t have access to employer-sponsored seminars or can’t find any online resources, check out your local community education programs. These programs often offer seminars on finances, retirement and estate planning, as well as Social Security, and Medicare.

AARP workshops

Another option is to explore seminars or workshops offered by your local AARP chapter. These workshops may offer tools, calculators and other approaches toward developing a vision for retirement. They are often free, but reservations are usually required.

Regardless of your age, you can never have enough information when it comes to planning for retirement. Be sure to take advantage of the available resources so you can develop an objective and informed plan to handle this life transition.