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It's About Selecting What You Want Out of Retirement

How you plan to spend this time will influence all the other decisions you make. We developed the tools and articles below to help you consider how you want to live in retirement. Click the resources that interest you, and be sure to check back as our Life Style information is continually refreshed.

Take time to envision the retirement you want so you can put a plan in place to make it happen. Call one of our Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM professionals at 866-306-6343 to put your retirement process into action. Our counselors are unbiased and salaried — helping you balance all options and make the right choices for you.

Consider Your Retirement Lifestyle

Retire with what you want and what you need.


Know Your Retirement Personality

Your personality can play a big role in retirement. Take our 5-step profiler to discover your attitude toward life change, risk and uncertainty.

Define Your Lifestyle Goals


Transitioning Into Retirement

When it comes to retirement you should consider the type of lifestyle you expect.


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Positive Aging

It's your retirement — walk that walk. Americans age 50 all the way to 80 are not standing still in their retirement.

Your Personal Document Locator

Use this comprehensive document to capture important information including emergency numbers, contacts and financial records. This is a valuable tool for you and your family.


Life Planning Resources

We know retirement means more than having enough money to live comfortably. It's also about how you'll spend your time and how you'll find purpose in what you do. That's why we're providing you with these life planning features:

My Life List  |
A goal achievement website that uses the power of social marketing.
Life Planning Network  |
A community of life planning consultants who provide guidance and resources for people transitioning into retirement.
Civic Ventures  |
Includes programs for ways to get involved in your community. Plus, the Next Chapter Initiative helps community groups and helps guide people to explore their options in retirement.

Call one of our Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM professionals at 866-306-6343.