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Can I retire?
If not now, when?
If now, how?

You face a multitude of questions as you
retire, from determining how much your
retirement lifestyle will cost to finding adequate
health care coverage and clarifying income
sources. Our single focus is retirement. We help people retire every day. Let us create order out of chaos for you by organizing your important retirement considerations into uncomplicated to-dos.
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Helping People Retire.

We’ve indentified five important areas that
will define your life in retirement. They are
separated to help simplify the many complex decisions you face.
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Our single focus is

You face a multitude of questions
as you retire, but perhaps none as
important as: Can I retire? If not now, when?
If now, how?

We believe there are five key areas — Lifestyle,
Investments, Health Care, Protection and Income —
all of which are important to creating a successful
and sustainable plan to and through retirement.

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What do you really want to do in retirement and how much is it going to cost?

Achieving your desired lifestyle will involve key decisions in many areas of retirement planning, and each decision affects another. We’ll help you make sense of both the financial and emotional impacts of retirement, while you consider the important impacts to your lifestyle such as health care, protection, savings and retirement income.


What resources do you have to support your lifestyle?

As you transition out of the workforce, you’ll need to take stock of your savings and assets in order to understand how to live in retirement. Perhaps you have assets in a 401(k) that you want to rollover into an IRA — or a pension, stock or property that you plan to use in retirement. What you have available, combined with inflation and tax considerations, will impact other retirement related decisions such as your lifestyle, health care, protection and retirement income.

Health Care

Have you examined all your health care options and determined what’s right for you?

You will want to anticipate the type of coverage you may need and the resources available to you as you move through your retirement. Your health care decisions will affect your lifestyle choices, investments, protection needs and retirement income. We’ll help you create a health and lifestyle profile, strategy for using Medicare to the fullest potential and provide coverage recommendations on supplemental insurance.


How can we guide you so that nothing can derail your plans for retirement?

Consider your desired lifestyle, along with legacy, estate distribution and tax management needs as you plan to protect and enjoy your retirement. Work with us to determine if your wills and trusts are aligned and beneficiaries are assigned, as well as assess life insurance and long term care needs. We’ll also offer you education and resources, including coordination with other advisors (tax and legal) as needed.


How can you optimize your income and ensure it lasts throughout your retirement?

You’ll want to create a steady, dependable stream of income while preserving your savings throughout retirement. Your income will affect your retirement lifestyle and the options you’ll have available for health care and protection needs. We’ll provide you a retirement income projection, and recommend how and when to integrate Social Security. We’ll also help you build a strategy for sustaining life-long income.



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